no more piecing together information from multiple reports,

working directly with employees on relocation-related payroll questions, or dealing with compliance issues. With Plus Relocation Payroll Reporting Services, you’ll save time (lots of it) and have confidence that your compliance ducks are nicely in a row.

one way we do this is by working exactly the way you want to

We provide payroll/HRIS interfaces based on your specifications. We offer a full range of payroll reporting options and have successfully interfaced with a wide array of payroll systems. We provide SFTP for transfer of data or can work with your firm’s secure transfer protocol systems. And our unique payroll architecture allows programming to be inserted into key processing points, increasing its flexibility and accommodation for custom interfaces, enabling electronic transmission of data directly to your payroll system.

When relocating employees question their W2s, we can field those questions directly. When they need funds before a start date, we can accommodate the request. And with compliance taking a front seat in the mobility space, we can add risk management guidance with our knowledge of relocation tax law.

Payroll reporting may never be fun, but it doesn’t have to be a headache, either. Working with Plus, you’ll spend less time dealing with (and worrying about) payroll.

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