a rule is a rule except when it isn’t

And, as a rule, exception management is stressful. Knowing when to approve a special case, justifying your decision, finding alternatives, providing historical or practical rationale for denial or approval, and fielding requests and questions can all add up to a lot of work. Not to mention that personally denying an exception isn’t exactly a fun task, either.

you can oust your exception stress with Plus’s relocation exception management services

We’ll simplify the process as we align industry best practices with your exception management policy and company culture. Here’s how it works: when we receive an exception request, we’ll review it with the employee and identify potential alternatives. We’ll review the employee’s file and your company’s exception history, price out options, and then present you with recommendations and projected costs. Once you approve or deny the request, we’ll record the outcome for reporting through your Elo web portal. Or, with your permission, we can approve exceptions up to a certain limit without bothering you at all!

We can even use your historical data to build a list of exceptions for automatic approval/denial and set cost parameters so that your Global Mobility Counselor is empowered to approve exceptions that meet the criteria. And, as one rule without exception, that’ll minimize your frustration and the time you spend on managing these requests.

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