processing potentially thousands of employee expenses

and vendor payments is complex, tedious and wildly time consuming. Throw in multiple currencies, and the fun really begins! No doubt, dealing with reimbursements and invoices are really important, and they can also be a real headache.

But don’t reach for the aspirin yet – you can give your employees a no-sweat interface for submitting expenses when you work with Plus. Our Elo for Employees web portal has an expense wizard for easy submission and tracking, and allows you to monitor process, reimbursement and cost metrics. If employees and assignees want to submit expenses via email or physical mail, that’s fine, too. We support multiple currency payments in adherence to country-specific restrictions or U.S. sanctions, and global assignees or relocating employees can choose reimbursement by check, wire transfer or electronic funds transfer (direct deposit). All reimbursed employees receive email notification when funds are disbursed.

we take the pain out of multiple vendor payments as well,

by maintaining direct billing relationships with all suppliers. Your internal accounts payable workload is lighter, supplier invoices are expertly audited, and you’ll have transparency for total relocation spend through your Elo for Mobility Teams portal. Our streamlined payment process also handles recurring payments to landlords, utilities, schools, and other supplier partners.

Expenses, reimbursements and payables are comprehensively reviewed, and undergo our seven-part audit process for mathematical accuracy, adherence to policy and taxability. Our relocation employee vendor payment management has earned us a 99.82% accuracy rate. And it’s earning you back some time.

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