with real estate, the three most important words are “location, location, location”

With expense management, they’re “accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.” Your top expense management concerns are precision auditing, tracking, and reporting to and on behalf of all employees. And you want complete transparency on your total spend – with full benefits realized for the investment you’re making in your mobility program. Missed or incorrectly reported expenses cost money, frustrate employees and payroll systems and can invite audits, fines and penalties.

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with Plus’s careful auditing,

payment tracking and disbursement, you’ll know at all times where your resources are, and how they’re being spent. We demonstrate a 99.9% accuracy rate through our 7-point audit, which confirms expenses conform to budget, payment caps, exceptions and policy guidelines. Then we report to payroll, mobility (for spend) and the controller (for budget accruals) and monitor related systems. We don’t play a percentage game, and we don’t spot-audit: we review 100% of the expense reports we receive to ensure that the W-2 is correct: this serves payroll, the employee, and the company (so that you’re not over-paying benefits, are able to leverage non-taxable items, and are reporting correctly to the IRS). When it comes to our relocation expense management services, we are as scrupulous about your money as if it were our own.

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