you know intuitively that international assignments are expensive,

but do you know what the real cost is to your business? Without accurate forecasts of the total price tag, it’s nearly impossible to understand the financial viability of an assignment and whether you need to explore less expensive alternatives. You’re also at the mercy of surprise expenses, which have been known to ruin more than one mobility professional’s day.

whether you’re moving an individual or a group,

you can confidently advise recruiters, hiring managers and upper management when you work with Plus. With our corporate relocation cost estimates, we’ll help you understand what lies ahead if you take one path or another, minus the surprises, and guide you on how to share that knowledge within your company. We’re scenario experts and will build out projections using different countries, factor in manufacturing costs, add in varying levels of assistance for assignments, and test the financial impact of a range of factors to help you make really smart mobility decisions.

And whatever path you choose, we’ll provide information directly to your tax provider, or package it so that you can easily transmit it yourself. (And, for U.S. domestic scenarios that are less complex, we’ll provide cost projections as part of our standard service.)

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