it seems counter-intuitive, but the truth is that coming home can be more difficult than leaving

Many assignees find that “home” just doesn’t fit the way it did when they left. As a result, many employees leave the company within a few years of repatriation.

Plus Relocation repatriation preparation services are provided by Global Mobility Counselors who have a caring understanding of the worries and complications that assignees and their families face when returning home. Experienced in assignee repatriation, they’ll align with the new hiring manager or other internal partner to help guide your employees as they leave the host country, from checking out of their housing through local “de-registration,” coordinating return shipments and temporary housing, to making sure the employee’s home is ready to receive the family. And because “re-entry” can hold unexpected events and reactions, our Global Mobility Counselors can also arrange for repatriation coaching and assistance.

when one global opportunity follows another,

we give it the same focus and care as if it were the first assignment. We build on our relationship with the assignee to ensure their logistical and emotional comfort, and we’ll work with the local company champion to provide cost estimates, prepare assignment letters, coordinate destination services and home finding trips, and arrange for language and/or cultural assistance and area orientation/acclimation.

Together with Plus, you can tailor the experience around repatriation so that you can care for, and keep, your returning expats.

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