transferring can be a bumpy road for your employees,

especially if they don’t know what’s coming around the corner. Setting the stage accurately, and giving them a clear understanding of your company’s policy and benefits, makes for a smoother ride and more successful relocation.

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Learn how Plus’s Policy and Benefit Counseling can help you administer benefits more easily and consistently than ever before.

when it comes to relocation policy and benefit counseling,

we have three things on our mind: expectations, education and ease. From the first call, we connect on a personal level with employees and their spouses or partners. We guide them through their benefits, understand their needs and concerns, manage their expectations on their individual benefits, discuss the timing and timeline of the move, learn about any previous move experiences, and listen closely. We have an unlimited policy on communicating, because we know that the time we spend conversing about and educating on the move – whether by phone or email, high-touch or high-tech, helps dispel worries and leads to a cheerier transition.

we make a genuine connection from the start,

and we build on that relationship throughout the move. Armed with a clear map of the road ahead and a Plus Global Mobility Counselor in the passenger seat, your employees will navigate their relocation with ease and confidence.

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