every candidate interaction is critical when competing for top talent

Delays in reimbursements, complicated processes, or inconsistent communications can all diminish your reputation with the candidates themselves as well as with their circle of influence. In addition, processing individual candidate’s expenses is tedious and wildly time consuming, and it’s nearly impossible to ensure every reimbursement follows policy, which means you could be overpaying on reimbursements.

what if you could simplify the expense reimbursement process

for every candidate and ensure your company always leaves a flawless impression, while gaining valuable internal efficiencies? With Plus Relocation Interview Reimbursement Services, candidates will have yet another experience with your company that reinforces the care and consideration you put into potential recruits, since it’s simple to use, removing the hassle of receipt collection and submission. Interview reimbursement services also enhances the experience of your HR staff who manage candidate expense reimbursement since it dramatically streamlines the process; in fact, you can eliminate up to 95% of the tasks required to reimburse a candidate. Plus will review submissions for policy adherence to ensure you only pay for approved expenses.

Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.52.43 PMLearn more about how Interview Expense Reimbursement Services are delivered through our game-changing, cloud-based Elo Recruit technology.

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