in the final days before a relocation

(or a repatriation), your employees are dealing with some pretty hairy stuff. They may have a house to sell or apartment rental to terminate. If it’s an international move, they may be managing issues with their visa, learning a new language, renting out their home while they’re away, figuring out what to do with their car, disconnecting utilities, and more. All of this chaos can lead to sleepless nights for your employees – and quite possibly you, too!

you can help calm the storm

before the move for your employees with Plus Global Relocation Departure Services. For U.S. domestic relos, we’ll guide your employees on the departure process, help them market their homes, and administer Buyer Value Option and Appraised Value Programs. For international permanent relocations or assignments, we’ll help with immigration, intercultural and language training, home sale assistance and property management. Just as important is the return trip, and we’ll be there to assist your employees with termination services, housing and auto leases, utilities, property management, and dealing with required notifications.

Help your employees move out without freaking out. With our Departure services, those final days will be smooth and predictable.

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