the most important conversation in the relocation process

is the “peace of mind” dialogue with your employee. Without it, uncertainty, anxiety and even fear can derail them into unproductive and adverse territory. You can help your employees avoid this emotional detour, stay focused on their work, and even enjoy the moving process with Plus Relocation Candidate Services.

Your potential employees and their families need to understand their new environment so they can envision themselves in that community, easily recreating their network of services, schools, shopping, banking, places of worship and other important “anchors.” We help you set a reassuring tone as well as provide a realistic overview of the real estate market at the current and destination location, a strong sense of their equity position and the data to make informed decisions. Our goal is a no-surprises experience (except the good ones!).

for U.S. domestic transfers,

our online tool helps you estimate relocation costs, down to the tax gross-up, and our Global Mobility Counselors can provide customized estimates as well. For international moves, we’ll work with your preferred international tax provider to customize estimates based on the benefits you offer, including such elements as COLA or per diem information, housing, shipping, acclimation and training.

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