relocating an employee from A to B

can be a complex process for you, an overwhelming experience for the employee and pretty darn stressful for everyone involved. Happily, it doesn’t have to be that way!

What if every move in your global mobility program progressed smoothly and predictably? What if your mobility program fit your business so perfectly it was as if every need was anticipated? What if your transferring employees actually felt relaxed and confident throughout the whole process?

Not only is this possible, it’s happening every day with Plus clients.

Plus offers a full suite of corporate relocation solutions

that begin when a move is no more than a glimmer in a recruiter’s eye all the way through the employee arriving and settling into their new city. From a lump sum move to an international-VIP-relocation-with-home sale-car-and-seven-cats, Plus has the expertise, the technology, the resources, and the flexibility to deliver spot-on service and help you execute your global mobility program with style.

We categorize our services into the four categories below, starting with the brainy, global mobility consulting up front, then moving through financial management, move preparations, and finally making it all happen with the services your employee will need to get to and settle into their new city.