every client program is truly unique, but our fundamental processes are proven and consistent.

start from a place of knowledge

Our process begins very simply: we ask a lot of questions. We want to get to know you and your employees, how you want to run your mobility program, and what you want to get out of it. We want to hear about the mobility problems that drive you crazy and the things you wish you could do. We want to learn about your most ambitious visions for the future all the way down to that one report that would really do the trick. We want to know it all, and we’ll walk you through our structured process to learn everything we need, to truly become an extension of your team.

you drive, we navigate

Implementation takes place at your pace and is driven by your business goals, challenges, needs and wants. We have the experience and quality processes in place to minimize disruption and take the burden off your team. We’ll provide benchmarks and make recommendations on policy and program structure, customize processes to align with your needs, create a plan for transitioning files, and identify suppliers who are best positioned to serve your team. For the first few months of your program, we’ll monitor performance and adjust as needed to make sure your program is optimized to really knock it out of the park.

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experts at your disposal

We’ll carefully select every member of your team, aligning backgrounds, strengths, and even personality to make sure it’s a perfect fit. At the corporate level, your main contact will be a Client Relations Manager who will be your strategic guide and someone whom you can always reach out to for support. Sometimes it’s more convenient to talk directly with other members of your team, and – unlike other relocation companies – we encourage you to reach out directly to everyone on your Plus team. Whether you need a quick answer from a Global Mobility Counselor or want to chat with your Expense Analyst, you’ll get the answers you need quickly and accurately.