everything we do is built around how we can help you

design and run a global mobility program that achieves what it’s supposed to achieve and makes your employees’ journeys as rewarding and low-stress as possible. We do this in three key ways:

  1. An exceptional level of service that supports your employees at every point in their journey
  2. A single point of contact for your employees
  3. High-touch when you want it, high tech for everything else

an exceptional level of service that supports your employees at every point in their journey

Everybody knows what it’s like to move, right? Kind of. Relocating employees face an incredible number of decisions, tasks, and pressures, many of which most people don’t have to deal with in a “normal” move. Their international or domestic relocation journey is complex and fraught with high-intensity emotion. We believe the best way to guide and support them through this crucial time is to wholly understand their journey, tactically, strategically, and emotionally. Through our research, we’ve identified each phase and step of a relocation or assignment, the employee’s mental state and needs at each of these steps, and how both you and Plus can provide the best support. We’ve designed our services and tools around these findings, and the proof is in the pudding: industry-leading client retention and employee satisfaction ratings.

a single point of contact for your employees

Plus Global Mobility Counselors serve as the single point of contact for your employees, guiding them throughout their move from “I just accepted the offer!” to “My new city is starting to feel like home.” They’re part logistical coordinator extraordinaire and part global relocation Sherpa. Not only do they have the technical knowledge down pat, they’re also versed in the pitfalls, the proven paths, and the emotional side of relocating. They’ll be alongside your employees, every step of the way. Employees who also have a home sale benefit will also work with a dedicated Plus Home Sale Counselor. This real estate guru will guide your employees through the intricacies of selling a home through a tax-sheltered transaction. The Home Sale Counselor works closely with the Relocation Counselor, coordinating timelines and ensuring a truly seamless experience.

high-touch when you want it, high-tech for everything else

The number one reason our clients stay with us is because of our personalized service. They know we have their back and will be there whenever they need us, to get answers, solve problems and, most importantly, keep delivering outstanding service to their employees, day after day. There are also times when our clients or their employees want to quickly look up an answer or take care of a task themselves. For these instances, we offer our Elo solutions: game-changing, cloud-based solutions that make it easy to stay on top of every detail, every piece of paper, and every person related to your global mobility program or a specific relocation. Depending on your needs (or your mood), you’ll have the best of both worlds – high-touch and high-tech.