our process begins with

identifying suppliers who can deliver the required scope of services and continues with properly integrating the selected partner within the service lines that we deliver to our clients. In the discovery phase, we source candidate partners from within our networks, through industry associations, and through supplier prospecting activities. Sourcing, evaluating, selecting and implementing are the key areas of focus during this stage.

The selection of supply chain partners is facilitated via strategic sourcing analysis, including RFI, RFP and site visits. Because our goal is to select the best partners, we look at each city and each service type separately. We feel this is critical, because a supplier that may be excellent at the city level may not necessarily have the needed capabilities at the country level.

using a detailed set of criteria

and our selection scorecard, we evaluate and select the best partners for our clients’ unique mobility programs. Once final contracts are negotiated and signed, a thorough implementation process follows. We take the implementation program very seriously, as we recognize that the interactive processes that are at the heart of quality service will rest on the thoroughness of a strong supplier on-boarding program. The implementation agenda educates and frames the requirements for both Plus and the supplier team, to ensure all goals are met.