to properly manage mobility activities in more than 150 countries around the world, Plus must have the best partners in every single location that our clients live and work.

Each area has unique departure and destination challenges that must be considered and addressed. Properly integrating a supply chain that supports mobility programs from top to bottom in each of these locations requires a team that’s focused on a wide range of services, from auto shipments to travel services and everything in-between.

We have intentionally created our own unique independent partner network for each service type that relies on critical service level and pricing agreements. We’ve┬ádone this because we believe that relocating families should benefit from working with caring, service-oriented, expert partners for every aspect of their relocation or assignment.

We also believe that having multiple suppliers for each type of service in every departure and destination location allows us to provide the greatest array of service options. This approach allows us to provide the flexibility, depth and scalability which is fundamental to meeting the evolving needs of our clients and their mobile employees.